We are the main producer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane sheets and Geomembrane film deliver our product to diverse governmental and personal groups at some point in India. The sheets we provide are especially synthetic with the aid of using contemporary-day approaches at our tremendously specialized, semi-computerized production gadgets below the supervision of our certified and skilled team. The HDPE sheets have produced the usage of resins below strict pleasant control. We benchmark the exceptional requirements and assure that our merchandise caters to our clients’ custom-unique requirements. We manufacture sheets via the Blow Film manner which gives the HDPE geomembrane a balanced molecular orientation. Its unique formula guarantees higher flexibility and sturdiness to the sheets. HDPE sheets locate their excellent programs in a waste landfill, garage reservoir, power strength plants, agriculture and aquaculture industries, wastewater treatment, etc.


1.       Flexible

2.       Durable

3.       Water-resistant

4.       Resistant to UV

5.       Smooth-surfaced

6.       Ability to withstand any weather

7.       Good Electrical Insulation

8.       Optimum mechanical performance

9.       Highly tensile

10.   Highly anti-impact


Ø  Colour: Green, Red, Black, Transparent

Ø  Thickness (in mm): 500 micron+.

Ø  Size: Up to 6 Meters


Ø  Minimum order quantity:  1000 kilogram

Ø  Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer), Other

Ø  Port of Dispatch: Delhi and Bawal (Haryana)

Ø  Production Capacity: 600 Ton per Month.

Ø  Delivery Time: In 5-7 days.

Registered Vendor With N.T.P.C , CAIRN India and L&T

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