How COVID-19 Has Affected The World Of Plastic Sheets

How COVID-19 Has Affected The World Of Plastic Sheets

Corona effects on Plastic Market

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not only taken over the world but it has also been the main topic of discussion for most of us each day. It’s a surprise if your industry hasn’t been affected by the pandemic, with many businesses needing to furlough their staff or hike up production to meet spikes in demand for products or services.
As a plastic products supplier, we are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of HDPE plastic sheets in India. With an increased demand for protection in workplaces throughout India and for home renovation, agriculatural and infrastructural projects, we have seen an increased demand for our products.
We have received several orders for polythene sheets since the virus first entered India, meaning that we have received increased demand and had our best-selling products temporarily out of stock.
Here are just a few ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world of Sheet Plastics.

Why Is There Increased Demand For Polythene Sheets?

If you’ve visited local Indian markets in recent weeks, you may recognise the plastic screen guards surrounding checkouts and tills to protect members of staff whilst they operate. These polythene screens protect to shield and divide consumers and colleagues from the risks of catching coronavirus via droplets in the air.
With this high demand, it has been a challenge for us that we have been able to achieve. Whilst stock levels depleted quicker than we ever anticipated, we extended delivery times to provide more time to fulfil orders in our factories.
All of our orders have been within India and we have mainly been fulfilling orders for the research institutions, nursing homes, dentists, schools, councils and many more - which we have assigned full priority for whilst continuing to fulfil standard customer orders too. During March, we even decided to temporarily pause our marketing efforts to reduce the flow of orders to allow us to keep up with the workflow.

Protecting Our Employees With Safe Working

Due to the significant increase in orders, our members of staff have worked hard to meet every deadline and fulfil every order.
Of course, we have taken every step to protect our members of staff. All safety measures were implemented early on and will continue to remain in place until further notice, with self-distancing rules applying throughout the business and also in our manufacturing units.
We are only allowing our internal stakeholders to enter the general building to reduce the risk of transmission. We have also only allowed warehouse employees into our office and vice-versa.
Our sales and customer service are done on a completely contactless basis.
To further protect our employees and customers collecting orders, we have installed sanitizing areas with strict self-distancing rules.

We’re Here To Help

No matter the purpose of your project, you can order our sheets which are manufactured to be the perfect match. With our quality guarantee, you can feel confident in finding the best polythene sheets manufacturers company in the market at the best price.
All of our team at Mono Industries will be happy to help you choose from our range of polythene sheets. For further details or to discuss your poly sheets options, please get in touch. Call us on 9899309228 or email